Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Friendships DO NOT disintegrate.

Why is it when you know someone pretty well— know their secret per sé, the friendship deteriorates?

I was hurt— yes, *was*. 

I thought why should I be hurt, it was only an online friend. 
I was hurt because I got too attached, emotionally. Loving the entire family. 
A christian, a volunteer, a community auxiliary person, a family person
one with a big heart. 
Though no one is perfect. 

[I don't judge, though I get judged sometimes— not really sure why but I do.]

Friendships only disintegrate due to addictions.

[Whenever you're addicted to any behavior— alcohol, drugs, womanizing, internet-contacts, etc.
You're not emotionally available with your life, your family...
•Delilah (radio host) 
 Addiction disconnects you from reality. You're not only hurting yourself but you're hurting those around you— family; children, significant-other (loved ones). 

*So true. Unfortunately, people don't snap out of it until it's too late.]

X transmogrified into someone else—a voyeurism with his fetishism.
And… Individual Y is red-kryptonite to the aforementioned (X).

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